Saturday, 25 January 2014

Back To School- My Top Tips

Hi :)
If you're like me and live in Australia then you too will be going back to school sometime next week or the following week.
It's taken me several years to learn how to get ready for going back to school so I'm going to share some of my top tips for going back to school.

Tip #1- Get Organised
Probably the most important tip in this whole post, people always told me growing up to get organised and not leave things to the last minute (I still do a lot of the time) but I didn't listen. Now that I'm older I find it soooooooo much easier starting a new school year and just a new year in general with a fresh head-space and mind set and getting organised.

The first thing I did this year to get organised and the one I'm going to talk about was COMPLETELY clean my room, I de-cluttered, found places for things I'd just left anywhere and my biggest accomplishment- cleaned my desk. Towards the end of last year I had let clothes pile up to the ceiling and had so much junk on and around my desk I couldn't even see it.

To clean my desk first: 
-I moved all the clothes onto my bed so that I could sort through them later 
-Then I got some plastic bags and got rid of papers I didn't need, wrappers, random bits of plastic and pretty much anything else I didn't need and wouldn't have any value 
-I then went through my stationary and threw out and pens and other things that no longer worked
-I found a place for everything and grouped things together that needed to be together (assignments and important papers in folders, pens and pencils in pencil tins etc.)
-After, I went through my clothes, I put anything that didn't fit or I no longer wore to the side to be sold or given away, threw out bad quality clothes with rips, stains and no elastic left and then I put the remaining clothes into drawers and grouped them together in my closet (jeans and pants together, skirts together, dresses together etc.)

Tip #2- Set Goals 
Going into the year set a list of goals that you want to achieve by the end of the year, write them down somewhere you can see (maybe put it up by your desk). Once you achieve them mark them off and at the end of the year do something nice for yourself. 
When writing your list make them something that will challenge you, so you are always striving for something, but make sure it's still achievable. Don't say that you want to come first in every single subject this year if at the moment you're coming last. Say that you want to improve in all your subjects from last year, maybe try a new subject or start a study schedule if you don't already have one.

Tip #3- Surviving in a strict school
My school is fairly strict when it comes to rules but sometimes they let things slide.Our school rules state that no make-up is to be worn, no nail polish can be visible, hair past a girls shoulders must be tied up, hair must not be dyed (older years it's allowed as long as you can hardly tell it's been dyed), dresses and skirts must reach past the knee/ touch the floor when kneeling, only one pair of earrings can be worn and they must be in the ears and many more unfair rules which you could say don't let us experiment and become our own person. I've become used to these rules though and have even found found some ways to bypass some of them or at least get by with them.

If you really can't be seen without make-up on substitute a thick, cakey foundation for a bb or cc cream, not only do they look natural they cover breakouts, moisturise and most contain sunscreen. Maybelline have a cheap bb cream called Drem Fresh 8-in-1 BB cream which you can buy in Woolworths or Coles and pretty much any normal pharmacy for around $10-$15 or for a higher end product I've heard brilliant things about MACs Prep and Prime Beauty Butter which sells for around $40.

Find a matte translucent powder to get rid of any shine and set the bb cream. I use Maybelline Shine Free Oil Control Loose Powder which I bought in Target for $20 and it works brilliantly.

Finally find a good mascara, concentrate on the bottom of your lashes to get a thicker look and then on the very end of your lashes to really lengthen them without clumps which look unnatural and you may get told off for it. I found Model Co. Fibre Lashxtend extreme black lengthening mascara works really well, it doesn't clump at all, I got it for free with a magazine but it sells for about $28.


Messy Bun
Perfect Messy Buns Hair Tutorial- Kaylnxo13
Easy Messy Fishtail Braid Tutorial- Luxy Hair
Textured High Pony Tail
Voluminous Ponytail Hair Tutorial- Le Sassafras

Anyways this has gotten pretty long so I might stop here if you think I should do another one of these let me know :)
P.S. I hope this all make sense I wrote it at 12am...

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Old Photos

Hi :)
I'm a little bit obsessed with all things vintage.
The fashion, modesty, simplicity and elegance...
I was on tumblr the other day and found a few photos and thought they were too beautiful not to share, this isn't really a post more like a share haha.

Hope you like them :)

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Get the look- Charli XCX

Hi :)
I absolutely love Charli XCX she has such a unique sound and style to match.
Today I'm going to 'attempt' (:3) to run down her style.

Charli's style is edgy but she still manages to be girly with A-line skirts, dresses and pops of colour.
She said in a recent interview ( that she's always admired 90's fashion (from the spice girls to more recently tailoring).

Tartan/Plaid Skirts
Charli is often seen wearing tartan or plaid skirts, as seen above she often pairs them with a plain crop top.

Charli also often wears a lot of graphic or patterned clothes for example this long-sleeved crop and leggings duo that she wears in her video You (Ha Ha Ha).

Platform Sneakers
Charli has admitted on several occasions that she has a slight obsession with platform sneakers, she says it's because they're comfortable and easy to walk in.

Charli almost always sports a messy, teased wavy hairstyle, she has also been seen with coloured extensions in her hair.

Weeeeeeeeeell, I hope this has helped even just a little bit!
Thanks for reading.

P.S. Enjoy Charli's video What I Like