Saturday, 24 January 2015

What's in my vanity: Hot or Not?

Hi :)
I haven't posted in a while, I was having a break for a bit during the school holidays. I was at my dermatologist the other day and she told I have to start using non-comedogenic (non clogging) make-up, so I have to pretty much stop using all of my favourite face products :(.
I was going through my vanity draws today and I noticed I have a bunch of random products that I've accumulated from different people, as gifts and buying and I thought I'd review a few of them.


Clinique- True Bronze '03 Sunblushed' (RRP $48 AUD)
I actually forgot that I had this I think it used to be my mum's just she only wears blush. I LOVE this, it blends well and has the perfect amount of shimmer. I'm really fair but this doesn't look weird, it just warms up my face. It's really build-able but obviously I don't need that.

H&M- Autumn Flower Blush (RRP $3-6 AUD)
This confuses me on so many levels, as soon as you swish a brush around the super dark pink takes over the entire colour. It's so unwearable, unnatural and hard to blend?!

Elf- Flirt Studio Cream Blush (RRP $4? AUD)
I hate it! It has such good reviews but it's awful... It's spongey but gets stuck under my nails, it's unnaturally coloured and really difficult to work with. You can't use a brush with it as it won't pick up the product properly but it's too small to put enough of your fingers in and then you just have product on the tips of your fingers and you can't move it around!

Beauty Attitude- Trio Blush, Bronzer, Highlighter Pallete (RRP $3 AUD)
My mum bought this from Target or Kmart once for me, it does what it says for the price. I use the blush daily because I don't really have another, it isn't very pigmented but it looks natural which is nice. The bronzer is too dark for me and a bit orangey and the highlighter isn't a highlighter (idk?) it has no shimmer and is brown...


Benefit- They're Real Push-Up Liner (RRP $35 AUD)
Being 100% honest the first time I used this, I hated it. It swatched on my hand well but on my eyes it pulled and bunched and was so difficult to work with but, I gave it another try and now I love it! You really need to put it on in one sweep not really dragging it along in increments. You also have to use quite a bit of product which is a bit annoying and you have to push down. Oht stays on

Elf- Liquid liner 'Midnight' (RRP $3 AUD)
I love this eyeliner especially for the price, the brush is thinner than the 'They're Real' and it's easier to get the hang of. I found you need to get rid of a lot of the product before trying to draw the line as it can be a little messy. Only downside is that it isn't waterproof, the bottom picture is of both the Benefit and Elf liners I swiped over both of them once with a make-up wipe and as you can see the Benefit one stayed put. However because of this it makes it a lot easier to take off at night.

Revlon- Luxurious Color Perle Eyeshadows '040 Brushed Copper & 055 Sunlight Sparkle' (RRP $6)
Keeping it simple, they don't have a whole lot of pigment but the sparkle makes up for it. I love the one of the right called 'Sunlight Sparkle' as a highlighter for cheekbones, inner corner of the eye and cupid's bow.


Revlon- Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain '025 Sweetheart Valentine' (RRP $12 AUD)
It feels SO good on your lips! It isn't drying like some other long lasting stains and it really does stay on. I do wish that I had gotten a more wearable colour, I more prefer nudes over bright pinks :)

MAC- Frosted Lipstick 'Pure Zen' (RRP $36 AUD)
I bought this in Hawaii a few years ago where it is much cheaper to buy Mac products and it quickly became one of my all time favourite lipsticks. I'm personally not a big lipstick wearer as I still go to school and we have a uniform and strict rules on makeup, however I do wear this most weekends. It's such a versatile colour and it can be dressed up or down.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics- Lipgloss 'Just Peachy' (RRP $13.14 AUD)
I cannot get over the pigmentation of this lipgloss! It amazes me every time, it really is like a lipstick gloss if that even makes sense. It is a little sticky and you have to wait for it to dry but really it's worth it! Also it smells amazing which is a real upside to something that is so close to your nose :P Unfortunately I do wish again that I had bought a more wearable colour, on the lips it's a lot lighter than my lip colour and washes me out a bit. I also bought one of these for one of my best friends for Christmas in a more berry red which I was tempted in keeping for myself hahah.

 I hope you enjoyed these little reviews of what's in my vanity!
Have a lovely day and stay safe.