Sunday, 6 April 2014

How to Eat Health-ier Living with Parents

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Sorry for being a bit MIA lately, school has been crazy! (Pretty much 12 major assignments and 4 tests and 6-8 weeks for them all).
Today I thought I would write about eating healthier while living at home which is something I've found quite difficult as I normally I don't have control over what's for dinner.
 I just want to make a quick disclaimer saying I'm not a health professional in any way and also eating healthier does not mean losing weight it means living a healthy lifestyle and being the best you that you can be! (All photos by me)


  • Replace unhealthy energy and soft drinks with better options that still have flavour like herbal tea with honey, fruit smoothies, fresh fruit juices, coconut water etc.
  • Replace white bread and rice with multigrain and brown options, quinoa for rice
  • Instead of butter use margarines (we use dairy free Nutalex) or better avocado or hommus
  • Ask your parents if maybe once a week or more you could cook dinner and choose a healthier option for the family
  • Go to the supermarket with your parents so you can help choose healthier options
  • Pack your own lunch instead of buying from the canteen, packing things like a premade salad, mixed nuts, hommus and celery or carrot sticks, fruit/vegetables
  • When snacking instead of reaching for something full of sugar reach for something with protein instead, it will fill you up more and give you long lasting energy instead of quick fills that cause you to eat more
  • Don't over or under eat, make sure you are eating the right amount for your weight, height and age
  • Drink lots of water
  • Try to eat as fresh as possible, make sure you know what's in the food you're eating, a lot of the foods you buy you can probably make at home so you will know exactly what is in it and you can change ingredients it make the recipe healthier
  • Cook some vegetables or make a quick salad to go along with your dinner if your parents don't, this way you'll at least get some nutrition even from a quick, easy meal (you know the one- Friday night pizza... ;P)
  • This may sound a bit stupid but follow accounts on Instagram with photos of healthy food, I find great inspiration and new foods/recipes to try on Instagram and a lot of these people also have blogs which have lots of great tips, recipes, inspiration and more. Also I'm a bit of a sticky beak and like seeing what people eat ;)
  • Use lots of flavour to add taste instead of needing artificial flavours to get that taste

That's all I can think of at the moment! Hope you enjoyed this and it was helpful, again I'm not a health professional in any way so if you don't agree with anything I've said you don't have to do it :)

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