Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter 2014

Hi :)
And happy Easter!
Hope everyone has had a great day.
Normally I go to my grandparents or great aunts for Easter but this year, for the first time Easter was at our house. Here are some photos and ideas for Easter:

We (Mum, little brother and me) started on Friday by marbling some eggs, but it was last minute and all the stores were closed on Friday so we only had yellow and blue food colouring... Anyway this is the instructions we used 
This was such a fun activity to do, everyone enjoyed it and we spent the afternoon telling stories and laughing!

We then added some white cotton balls to white ramekins, in these we put our marbled eggs (with some ribbon wrapped around the middle) and a variety of different Easter eggs.

A picture of our delicious lunch, shout-out to mum for cooking our yummy lunch of lamb racks and roast veggies for 13 people!

On Saturday night mum and I spent the night baking these Easter bunny cupcakes for the kids at church (although they ended up looking a bit like mice...) We made plain vanilla cupcakes, iced them with lemon icing, put in a pink lolly for a nose and cut a marshmallow in half to make ears.

My favourite of all the things we did for the lunch was my little project. I found this old frame and painted it with paint leftover from painting my room. I stuck on a sign with blu-tac.

My cat Popoke 'helping' me during painting.

I then took photos of the guests at the lunch holding the sign and sent the photos out as a momento of the day.

Hope you enjoyed these photos and had a great day!
Happy Easter.

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