Friday, 28 February 2014

A Couple of Reviews- Rimmel, Almay and More!

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Almay Eyeliner (Black 205)- $7.99
I recently got this eyeliner for free in a give-away bag and it's brilliant!
It's super pigmented and dark, it glides on so smoothly and is really easy to get an even line (even for someone as uncoordinated as me :P). 
This was Almay product I've ever used and from this product I'm excited to test out some more!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation- $19.95
I had been using this foundation for a couple of months until (very embarrassingly) my good friend told me it was the complete wrong colour for me. I have to admit I think this was a mistake on my behalf, not only was the bottle put in the wrong place but the yellow lights in the store made me see the colour differently to what it actually looked like. Oh well! 
All in all I didn't really enjoy using this foundation, even though I've heard amazing reviews on it, I didn't find it that great. It had a light covering which didn't work for me, it was also quite shiny which made my already oily skin look even oilier. I have to say I probably won't be buying this again and I'll be looking for a new foundation.

Maybelline Rocket Volum Express Mascara- $7.50
I adore this mascara. It clumps so much less than my other favourite mascara the Maybelline Falsies, I normally first use my Model Co. Fibre Lashxtend to lengthen my lashes first and then the Rocket Volum for extra length, darkening and volume. I couldn't recommend this more!

Hope you've enjoyed reading some of my reviews!

P.S. I'm kind of scared to put out my details online, but slowly I want to start introduce myself more :D

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