Friday, 27 December 2013

My YouTuber Fashion/Beauty Inspo

Hi :)
I really look up to a lot of people on YouTube especially those who do fashion and beauty videos.
I watch their videos (and read their blogs) for inspiration, reviews on products and more.
I've hand-picked a few of my favourite, hopefully they soon become yours too!

Zoe Sugg first started in the "beauty world" with her blog in early 2009 then in late 2009 she started her YouTube channel Zoella29039 (her birthday). Zoe has an impressive 3.2+ million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She does videos of reviews, tutorials, hauls, vlogs, tags and videos with her extensive list of famous YouTuber friends (she even interviewed 1D!!).

Zoella's Everyday Make-up Routine
Where you can find her:
Instagram: Zozeebo
Twitter: Zozeebo

Louise started her blog ( )in September 2009 and her YouTube channel Sprinkleofglitter in April 2010 (Her and Zoe became best friends through YouTube). She has 950,000+ subscribers on her YouTube channel after just 3 years! Her videos showcase hauls, vlogs, tutorials, reviews, tags, mummy videos, videos with her YouTuber friends and videos with her adorable daughter Baby Glitter (Darcy).

Sprinkleofglitter 's Summer Essentials feat. Zoella
Where you can find her:
Instagram: Sprinkleofglitr

Michelle Phan
Michelle posted her first video in 2007 gathering an impressive 40,000 views in one week. Today Michelle has almost 5.4+ million subscribers on YouTube, her own line of cosmetics called EM, several online networks including FAWN, IPSY and MCN, and a popular blog With a rough past Michelle's enthusiasm and motivation is inspiring. Her videos include tutorials, reviews, tags, how-tos and more.

MichellePhan 's Get Ready For The BIG Event 
Where you can find her:
Instagram: MichelleFawn
Twitter: MichellePhan

Tanya Burr
Tanya trained as a make-up artist and now posts videos and blogposts for the rest of the world to see. She started her blog in early 2011 and posted her first video in late-ish 2009, she now has 1.5+ million subscribers on her YouTube channel Her videos are mainly how-tos, tutorials, reviews, hauls, vlogs and tags, she also posts videos with her many YouTuber friends and her partner Jim who also does YouTube ( ).

Tanya Burr 's Get Ready With Me: My Bedtime Routine!
Where you can find her:
Twitter: TanyaBurr
Instagram: TanyaBurr

Bethany Mota
Bethany first started her YouTube channel in mid 2009 when she was just 14, now 18 she has 4.2+ million subscribers. Her videos are mostly lookbooks, tutorials, DIYs and tags. At just 18 she has recently partnered with Aeropostale to create her own line of clothing.

Bethany Mota 's NO HEAT  Holiday curls + Christmas curls
Where you can find her:
Twitter: Bethanymota
Instagram: Bethanynoelm

Kandee Johnson
Kandee first started her YouTube channel in early 2009 and her blogs and in 2008, she now has 1.8+ million subscribers on YouTube. Her videos are mainly tutorials, DIYs, tags, reviews and hauls.

Kandee Johnson 's: MAKEUP ARTIST SECRETS: Primers, DIY Tricks, and Best Locking Spray!
Where you can find her:
Twitter: KandeeJohnson
Vine: Kandeejohnson
Instagram: KandeeJohnson

Well, I hope you have learnt something about some of my favourite YouTubers!

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