Thursday, 2 January 2014

Get the look- Charli XCX

Hi :)
I absolutely love Charli XCX she has such a unique sound and style to match.
Today I'm going to 'attempt' (:3) to run down her style.

Charli's style is edgy but she still manages to be girly with A-line skirts, dresses and pops of colour.
She said in a recent interview ( that she's always admired 90's fashion (from the spice girls to more recently tailoring).

Tartan/Plaid Skirts
Charli is often seen wearing tartan or plaid skirts, as seen above she often pairs them with a plain crop top.

Charli also often wears a lot of graphic or patterned clothes for example this long-sleeved crop and leggings duo that she wears in her video You (Ha Ha Ha).

Platform Sneakers
Charli has admitted on several occasions that she has a slight obsession with platform sneakers, she says it's because they're comfortable and easy to walk in.

Charli almost always sports a messy, teased wavy hairstyle, she has also been seen with coloured extensions in her hair.

Weeeeeeeeeell, I hope this has helped even just a little bit!
Thanks for reading.

P.S. Enjoy Charli's video What I Like

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