Friday, 20 December 2013

Last Minute Christmas Pressies

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With only a couple days until Christmas have you found yourself in the situation where you haven't bought someone's Christmas presents yet? Hopefully after reading this you'll be able to find some cheap, different ideas before your gift needs to be given!

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I've always found mum to be one of the easiest people to buy for but maybe that's just me. Some easy ideas are a small cookbook, 'smellies' -hand cream, bath salts, bath bombs, lotions and candles-, small pieces of jewellery (here in Australia places like diva, equip and lovisa sell these for fairly cheap) or a pretty decoration for the Christmas tree. If you're handy in the kitchen you could whip up a batch of cookies or cupcakes and package them nicely. Even just offering to do some work around or cooking a nice meal is a nice gesture.
Lush bath bombs- credit: 
Christmas cookies- credit:
Dad on the other hand I find the hardest to buy for, most of the time he's not clear on what he wants so I go with the obvious. His favourite TV series on DVD is always a good choice, a new book by his favourite author is also a good choice, socks and jocks- but only if you're really desperate and I find with my dad chocolate ALWAYS works or at least gets on his good side for another year.
Top gear on DVD- credit:
Cherry ripe chocolate bar- credit:
Baby to toddler- Stuffed toys, clothes + pyjamas, book
Primary school (5-11)- Books, clothes + pyjamas, toys (lego, cars etc.), a ball
Pretty much 12-117- Books, money/giftcards, something for his hobby (football, music books, headphones), cologne, a wallet
AFL ball- credit:
Abercrombie + Fitch cologne- credit:
Baby to toddler- Stuffed toys, books, clothes + pyjamas
Primary school (5-11)- Dolls, toys, books, clothes + pyjamas, a movie (think princesses)
Pretty much 12-117- Books, money/giftcards, something for her hobby, a movie/tv series, clothes, jewellery, 'smellies', a framed picture of you two, a magazine subscription (slightly more pricey but fairly instant).
My very real baby doll: credit:

Books- credit:
Girlfriends/Friends who are girls
Same as sister

Boyfriends/Friends who are boys
Same as brother

'Smellies', jewellery, plants, a festive hand towel, plate or platter, stationary, a framed photo, offer them help around the house or bake them something yummy and package it up nicely.
Christmas hand towels- credit:
Christmas cookies- credit:
Nicely packaged food, 'smellies', a bottle of wine, money/giftcards,
iTunes giftcards- credit:

I hope your life has been made a tiny bit easier!
Only a couple more sleeps to go!

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