Sunday, 21 December 2014

Newcastle Markets

Hi :)
Yesterday I went with my family to the Olive Tree Markets in Merewether, Newcastle and then spent the day in town and at the beach. I took heaps of photos so I chose some of my favourites and thought I would share. I also found some really cute brands at the markets and restaurants so I thought I would share!

First thing we did was take the two hour drive up to Newcastle which meant a lot of listening to Taylor Swift ;)
Sorry about the awkward selfie and bad quality photography but this is me, hello :P
I wore my grey Glassons basic shirt, black H&M a-line, midi skirt and grey boots from Monoprix Femme (skirt and boots bought in Paris). I finished the look with my new favourite lipstick the Rimmel Kate Moss 107.

 I'm so upset because so many of my photos didn't turn out well because the lens was fogged over or something :(. Anyway there were so many beautiful brands and home made goodies at the market, a lot of the food there was all organic and artesian type foods which was super yummy!

Cannot express to you in words how delicious these macarons were, the one pictured was red skin flavoured (I know right!!) and I also got vanilla bean flavoured. The stall (called Sugar Jones) was so cute there was a little caravan that you could go and eat your macarons in and they had so many interesting flavours. You can find them here

This brand (Lauren Merrick illustration) had the most beautiful prints, my mum and brother both bought prints and our family friends bought beautiful wrapping paper. Also everything was so well priced and amazing quality!! You can check out their products here

After the markets we explored in the town and there was some really pretty wall art and graffiti and this really creepy animal head thing in a store window...

 We also found this old book and record store where I bought a few books. We also found a normal record store and look what I found hahah.

Just a little reminder in case you'd forgotten ;) (it's actually 4 days now) and unfortunately I didn't buy a super hip shirt but the sign made me laugh.

The last thing we did before dinner was go to Merewether beach where we had coffees and then I went exploring with my brother and cousin along the rock pools.

Thanks for reading this super long blog post but all in all I had a really lovely day in Newcastle and it's a really cute town with some really great shops and restaurants! If you ever get a chance I would totally recommend taking a trip to Newcastle and also going to the Olive Tree Markets. Just 4 days until Christmas eeeeek :P
Morgan xx

P.S. Huge shout-out to the people at DeLucas Pizza who made me an amazing salad super quickly after I couldn't eat what I chose due to allergies (stupid me forgot to check...)

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